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for Summer and Fall SEMESTER 2021

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Academic Advisors at Southern Illinois University are:

  • Educators and mentors
  • Interested in the academic and professional development of students
  • Knowledgeable about University, College, and departmental policies and procedures
  • Referral agents to help students access relevant campus resources
  • Accessible to advisees via office hours, telephone, and e-mail
  • Exhibiting the importance of lifelong learning to students
  • Problem solvers

Academic Advisors encourage their advisees to:

  • Be proactive in pursuit of their education
  • Take personal responsibility for their decisions and actions
  • Seek, comprehend and follow policies and procedures related to graduation requirements by consulting their academic departments, Colleges, and the University Catalog
  • Integrate degree requirements with co-curricular, leadership, and career development opportunities

Academic Advisors work collaboratively:

  • To educate students about their roles in the advising process
  • To educate the campus community about the advising process