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siu students on campus

College of Agricultural, Life & Physical Sciences

AG Phone: 618-453-3080 | Room: AG 217A
SCI Phone: 618-536-5538 | Room: Neckers A185

Advisor Email Program
Kim Doellman 618-453-3080, AG Room 117; Chief Academic Advisor
Billie Donas 618-536-5538, Neckers A185; Office Manager
Alesia Beanland 618-536-5538, Neckers A185; Biological Sciences (BIOS) & Plant Biology (PLB)
Kathy Elson 618-453-3080, AG Room 117; Forestry (FOR), Horticulture (HORT), Agricultural Systems & Education (AGSE) & Crop, Soil and Environmental Management (CSEM)
Yvonne Gramenz  618-536-5538, Neckers A185; Microbiology (MICR) & Zoology (ZOOL)
Kaitlyn Kern 618-453-3080, AG Room 117; Animal Science (ANS) & Agribusiness Economics (ABE)
Jean McPherson 618-536-5538, Neckers A185; Chemistry (CHEM), Fermentation (FERM), Geology (GEOL), Physiology (PHSL), Physics (PHYS) & Undecided/Unclassified
Matt Sronkoski 618-453-3388, Faner 1229; Geography and Environmental Resources (GENV)

College of Arts & Media

Phone: 618-453-6281 | Room: Comm 1121

Advisor Email Program
Jean Miner 618-453-6281, Comm. 1121; Chief Academic Advisor, Architectural Studies (ARC), Interior Design (ID), & Fashion Design & Merchandising (FDM)
Michelle Garrett Architectural Studies (ARC), Interior Design (ID), & Fashion Design & Merchandising (FDM)
Carol Westerman-Jones Art & Design (AD), Specialization in Photo, & Journalism (JRNL)
Karen Wolf Cinema (CIN), Music (MUS), Theater (THEA), Musical Theater (MT), & Radio, Television & Digitial Media (RTD)


College of Business and Analytics

Phone: 618-453-7496 | Room: Rehn 121

Advisor Email Program
Jasmine Winters 618-453-7496, Rehn 121; Chief Academic Advisor, Economics (ECON)
Patrick Anderson Office Support Specialist
Patricia Burns Accounting (ACCT), Finance (FIN), Business Analytics (BSAN), Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management (HTEM)
Ivan Vargas Management (MGMT), Marketing (MKTG), & Undecided Business (UNBA)


College of Engineering, Computing, Technology & Mathematics

Phone: 618-453-2261 | Room: Engineering D104

Advisor Email Program
Laura Morgan 618-453-2261, Eng. D104; Chief Academic Advisor, Biomedical Engineering (BME), Pre-Engineering (PEGR), Civil Engineering (CE), Mechanical Engineering (ME) & Undecided (UNEN)
Lisa Short Office Manager
Rita Medina Electrical Engineering Technology (EET), Industrial Management and Applied Engineering (IMAE), Information Technology (ITEC), Mathematics (MATH) & Technical Resources Management (TRM)
Jack Young Computer Engineering (CEGR), Electrical Engineering (EE), & Computer Science (CS)

College of Health & Human Sciences

Phone: 618-453-7285 | Room: ASA 221

Advisor Email Program
Valerie Brooks Wallin 618-453-7285, ASA 221; Chief Academic Advisor, Rehabilitation Services (REHS), Human Nutrition & Dietetics (HND) & Undecided
Maria Lenzini 618-453-7285, ASA 221; Office Support Specialist
Leslie Anderson 618-453-3544, LSII 229C; Psychology (PSYC) & Behavior Analysis Therapy (BEHV)
Christopher Hinkle 618-453-3120, Davies 110; Exercise Science (ES), Sport Administration (SA), Recreation Professions (RECP) & Public Health (PH)
Mike Kartje 618-453-7172; ASA C15F; Health Care Management (HCM) & Nursing (NUR)
Susan King 618-453-9224, TEC 126C; Aviation Flight (AF) & Aviation Management (AVM)
Xanthe Kuhn 618-453-6871, ASA C15D; Radiological Sciences (RADS)
Kenea Lee 618-453-9206, TEC 126D; Aviation Technologies (AVT) & Aviation Management (AVM)
Brittany McElroy 618-453-9121, TEC 126E; Automotive Technology (AUT)
Nicole Rains 618-453-6322, Davies 111; Communication Disorders & Sciences (CDS), Social Work (SOCW), & Criminology & Criminal Justice-FR/SO (CCJ)
Michael Rowell 618-453-8869, ASA C15E; Dental Hygiene (DH), Mortuary Sciences & Funeral Services (MSFS) & Physical Therapist Assistant (PTH)
Matt Sronkoski 618-453-3388, Faner 1229; Criminology & Criminal Justice-JR/SR (CCJ) & Paralegal Studies


College of Liberal Arts

Phone: 618-453-3388 | Room: Faner 1229

Advisor Email Program
Quiana Jackson 618-453-3388, Faner 1229; Chief Academic Advisor, Africana Studies (AFR) & Undecided (UNLA)
Brien Hays Office Support Specialist
Thomas Price English (ENGL), History (HIST), Languages, Cultures & International Studies (LCIS), Linguistics (LING), Philosophy (PHIL), & University Studies (UST)
Matt Sronkoski Anthropology (ANTH), Communication Studies (CMST), Political Science (POLS), Sociology (SOC) & Pre-Law (PLAW)


Exploratory Student Advisement

Phone: 618-453-4351 | Room: Student Services Building 0179

Advisor Email Program
Jeff McGoy 618-453-4351, SSB 0179; Director
Pam Battaglia Office Administrator
Kris Marshall Saluki Success Initiative (EXP2)
Raquel Olive Undecided (EXPU), Achieve (EXP1), Unclassified


School of Education

Phone: 618-453-6340 | Room: Wham 122

Advisor Email Program
Naomi Arseneau 618-453-6340, Wham 122; Chief Academic Advisor, Undecided/Unclassified, Grown Your Own Programs & Early Childhood online
Vacant Office Support Specialist
Emily Haymans Cook Early Childhood (ECHD), Elementary Education (ELED), Special Education (SPED), & Child & Family Services (CFS)
Melanye Merryll Biological Sciences Education (BIOZ), English Education (ENGZ), German Education (GERS), History Education (HISZ), Math Education (MATZ), & Spanish Education (SPAN)