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Extended Campus Staff

Email: onlinesaluki@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-3430

Online Program Advisors Our online degree programs are convenient, accredited and designed for working professionals, parents, students far from Carbondale or anyone who wants an SIU education and needs maximum flexibility.
Off-Campus Locations & Advisors You can earn a SIU Carbondale degree without going to Carbondale. We offer several options for off-campus learning. The first thing is to see if we are at a location near you.



 College of Agricultural, Life and Physical Sciences

Email: calpsadvisement@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-3080 | Room: AG 217A

Advisor Contact Program
Carol Westerman-Jones carolw@siu.edu Chief Academic Advisor | Crop, Soil and Environmental Management (CSEM) | Undecided/Unclassified
Lindsey Parey lindsey.parey@siu.edu Office Manager
Alesia Beanland alesia@siu.edu Biological Sciences (BIOS) |  Chemistry (CHEM) | Plant Biology (PLB)
Kathy Elson kelson@siu.edu Forestry (FOR) | Horticulture (HORT) | Agricultural Systems & Education (AGSE)
Yvonne Gramenz yvonne12@siu.edu  Microbiology (MICR) |Zoology (ZOOL)
Kaitlyn Kern kaitlynkern@siu.edu Animal Science (ANS) | Agribusiness Economics (ABE) | Geography and Environmental Resources (GENV)
Jean McPherson jeanmcp@siu.edu Biochemistry (BCH) | Fermentation (FERM) | Geology (GEOL), Physiology (PHSL) | Physics (PHYS)


College of Arts and Media

Email: CAMadvisement@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-6281| Room: Comm 1121

Advisor Contact Program
Naomi Arseneau narseneau@siu.edu  Chief Academic Advisor | Journalism (JRNL) | Undecided (UND)
Kijoung Na kijoung.na@siu.edu Architectural Studies (ARC) | Interior Design (ID) | Fashion Studies (FASH)
Karen Wolf kwolf@siu.edu Art & Design (AD) | Music (MUS) | Musical Theater (MT) | Theater (THEA)
Todd Robinson toddrobinson@siu.edu Cinema (CIN) | Radio, Television & Digital Media (RTD)


College of Business and Analytics

Email: advisement@business.siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-7496 | Room: Rehn 121

Advisor Contact Program
Jasmine Winters jwinters@business.siu.edu Chief Academic Advisor | Economics (ECON) | Econometrics & Quantitative Economics (EQE) 
Patricia Burns triciaburns@siu.edu Accounting (ACCT) | Finance (FIN)| Business Analytics (BSAN) | Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management (HTEM)
Ivan Vargas ivan.vargas@business.siu.edu Management (MGMT) | Marketing (MKTG) | Undecided Business (UNBA)


College of Engineering, Computing, Technology & Mathematics

Email: ectmadvisement@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-2261 | Room: Engineering D104

Advisor Contact Program
Laura Morgan lauramorgan@siu.edu Chief Academic Advisor | Biomedical Engineering (BME) | Pre-Engineering (PEGR) | Undecided (UNEN) | Unclassified/Transient students (UNCL/TRAN) 
Lisa Short lshort@siu.edu Office Manager
Mary Fischer cajun@siu.edu  Computer Engineering (CEGR) | Electrical Engineering (EE) | Information Technology (ITEC)
Reginald Randolph reginald.randolph@siu.edu  Civil Engineering (CE) | Mechanical Engineering (ME) | Mathematics (MATH)
Jack Young jack.young@siu.edu Computer Science (CS) | Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) | Industrial Management and Applied Engineering (IMAE)


College of Health and Human Sciences

Email: CHHSadvisor@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-4104 | Room: ASA 215

Advisor Contact Program
Laura Morgan lauramorgan@siu.edu
ACTING Chief Academic Advisor
Leah Patterson patterson@siu.edu
618-453-4104, ASA 215
Office Support Specialist
Jennifer Badiu jennifer.badiu@siu.edu
618-453-4701, ASA C15D
Health Care Management (HCM)
Robert Culp robert.culp@siu.edu
618-453-2040, TEC 166C
Automotive Technology (AUT)
Christopher Hinkle chinkle@siu.edu
618-453-3120, Davies 110
Exercise Science (ES) | Public Health (PH) | Recreation Professions (RECP) | Sport Administration (SA) 
Michele Howerton Vargas michele.howerton-vargas@siu.edu
618-453-5717, LSII 229A
Behavior Analysis Therapy (BEHV) | Psychology (PSYC)
Mike Kartje mkartje@siu.edu
618-453-7172; ASA C15F
Nursing (NUR)
Susan King sjking@siu.edu
618-453-8898, TEC 124
Aviation Flight (AF) | Aviation Management (AVM)
Chris Milazzo cmilazzo@siu.edu
618-453-7456, TEC 126D
Aviation Technologies (AVT) 
Katie Patterson katiep3327@siu.edu
618-453-8848, Pulliam 252A
Communication Disorders & Sciences (CDS) | Human Nutrition & Dietetics (HND)  |  Rehabilitation Services (REHS)  | Social Work (SOCW) | Undecided (UNHH)
Michael Rowell michael.rowell@siu.edu
618-453-8869, ASA C15E
Dental Hygiene (DH) | Mortuary Science & Funeral Service (MSFS) | Physical Therapist Assistant (PTH) | Radiology (RADS)
Matt Sronkoski mattski@siu.edu
618-453-4729, Faner 4244
Criminology & Criminal Justice (CCJ) | Paralegal Studies (PARL)
Sarah Sutor sarah.sutor@siu.edu
618-453-8805, TEC 146F
Aviation Management (AVM)


College of Liberal Arts

Email: colaadvisement@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-3388 | Room: Faner 3341

Advisor Email Program
Vacant colaadvisement@siu.edu Chief Academic Advisor | Africana Studies (AFR) | Liberal Arts Undecided (UNLA)
Brien Hays bhays@siu.edu Office Support Specialist
Raquel Olive rolive@siu.edu  Undecided (EXPU) | Achieve (EXP1) | Saluki Success Initiative (EXP2) | Unclassified
Thomas Price tprice@siu.edu English (ENGL) | History (HIST) | Languages, Cultures & International Studies (LCIS) | Linguistics (LING) | Philosophy (PHIL) | University Studies (UST)
Steven Sawyer ssawyer@siu.edu Anthropology (ANTH) | Communication Studies (CMST) | Political Science (POLS) | Sociology (SOC) | Pre-Law (PLAW)


School of Education

Email: SOEadvisement@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-6340 | Room: Wham 122

Advisor Email Program
Shannon Schroeder Chief Academic Advisor | Education Undecided| Education Unclassified | Individualized Pathways| Special Education (SPED) | Subsequent Endorsements
Kymberli Roberson kymberli.roberson@siu.edu Office Support Specialist
Jeffrey Myers jeffrey.myers@siu.edu  Early Childhood Education (ECHD)| Elementary Education (ELED) | Child & Family Services (CFS)
Vacant SOEadvisement@siu.edu Biological Sciences Education (BIOZ) | English Education (ENGZ) | German Education (GERS) | History Education (HISZ) | Math Education (MATZ) | Spanish Education (SPAN)