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siu students on campus

College of Agricultural Sciences

Phone: 618-453-3080 | Room: AG 117

Advisor Email Department
Kim Doellman 618-453-3080; Chief Academic Advisor, Human Nutrition & Dietetics (HND)
Kathy Elson Forestry (FOR), Horticulture (HORT), & Agricultural Systems & Education (AGSE)
Karra Herron Animal Science (ANS), Crop Soil, Environmental Management (CSEM), & Agribusiness Economics (ABE)
Patricia Burns Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management (HTEM)

College of Applied Sciences and Arts

Phone: 618-536-6682 | Room: ASA 221

Advisor Email Department
Valerie Brooks Wallin 618-453-2052, ASA 221; Chief Academic Advisor, Electronic Systems Technologies (EST), Technical Resource Management (TRM)
Michael Rowell 618-453-7211; Dental Hygiene (DH) & Radiologic Sciences (RADS)
Kijoung Na 618-453-7211; Health Care Management (HCM) & Nursing (NUR)
Susan King 618-453-1147; Aviation Flight (AF) & Aviation Management (AVM)
Nicole Mathis 618-453-9221; Automotive Technologies (AUT)
Brittany McElroy 618-453-4024; Automotive Technologies (AUT)
Michelle Garrett 618-453-1227, Quigley Hall 410A; Architectural Studies (ARC), Interior Design (ID), & Fashion Design & Merchandising
Kenea Lee 618-453-8898; Aviation Technologies (AVT)
Carol Westerman-Jones 618-453-7253, ASA C107; Information Systems Technologies (IST) & Information Technology (ITEC)
Natalie Kizzire 618-453-2261; Mortuary Science and Funeral Services (MSFS) & Physical Therapist Assistant (PTH)


College of Business and Analytics

Phone: 618-453-7496 | Room: Rehn 121

Advisor Email Department
Jasmine Winters 618-453-7496, Rehn 121; Chief Academic Advisor
Patrick Anderson Office Support Specialist
Ivan Vargas Management (MGMT), Marketing (MKTG), & Undecided Business (UNBA)
Patricia Burns Accounting (ACCT), Finance (FIN), Business Economics (BUEC), &  Business Analytics (BSAN)

College of Education and Human Services

Phone: 618-453-6340 | Room: Wham 122

Advisor Email Department
Naomi Arseneau 618-453-6340, Wham 122; Chief Academic Advisor
Jacqueline Kunz Office Support Specialist
Emily Haymans Cook Early Childhood Development (ECHD), Elementary Education (ELED), Special Education (SPED), & Child & Family Services (CFS)
Walter Davis Rehabilitation Services (REHS), Behavioral Analysis Therapy (BEHV), Communication Disorders and Sciences (CDS), Social Work (SOCW), & Undecided (UNEH)
Christopher Hinkle Exercise Science (ES), Sport Administration (SA), Physical Education (PETE), Public Health (PH), & Recreation Professions (RECP)
Melanye Merryll Biological Science Education (BIOZ), English Education (ENGZ), French Education (FR), German Education (GERS), History Education (HISZ), Math Education (MATZ), & Spanish Education (SPAN)

College of Engineering

Phone: 618-453-2261 | Room: Engineering D104

Advisor Email Department
Laura Morgan 618-453-2261, Eng. D104; Chief Academic Advisor, Mining (MNGE), Undecided (UNEN), & Pre-Engineering (PEGR)
Lisa Short Office Manager
Jack Young Computer Engineering (CEGR), Electrical Engineering (EE), Biomedical Engineering (BME), Industrial Management and Applied Engineering (IMAE), & Electrical Engineering Technology (EET)
Natalie Kizzire Civil Engineering (CE)
Sarah Chang Mechanical Engineering (ME)

College of Liberal Arts

Phone: 618-453-3388 | Room: Faner 1229

Advisor Email Department
Quiana Jackson 618-453-3388; Chief Academic Advisor, Africana Studies (AFR) & Undecided (UNLA)
Brien Hays Office Support Specialist
Matt Sronkoski Economics (ECON), Geography and Environmental Resources (GENV), Paralegal Studies (PLST), Political Science (POLS), Sociology (SOC) & Pre-law (PLAW)
Mary Kahn 618-453-3544, LS II room 229C; Psychology (PSYC)
Leslie Anderson 618-453-3544, LS II room 229C; Psychology (PSYC) & Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJ)
Thomas Price English (ENGL), History (HIST), Languages, Cultures & International Studies (LCIS), Linguistics (LING), Philosophy (PHIL), & University Studies (UST)
Karen Wolf Anthropology (ANTH), Communication Studies (CMST), Music (MUS), Pre-Music (PMUS), Theater (THEA), & Musical Theater (MT)
Carol Westerman-Jones 618-453-4313, Allyn Building room 103; Art & Design (AD)
Mike Harbin 618-453-6434; Criminal Justice (CCJ)

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts

Room: Comm 1048

Advisor Email Department
Jean Miner 618-453-6902; Radio, Television, & Digital Media majors (RTD), Journalism (JRNL), Specializations in Journalism of Advertising, News Editorial, and Sports Media, & Cinema & Photography (CP)
Carol Westerman Jones 618-453-4313, Allyn 103; Cinema & Photography (CP), Specialization in Photo

College of Science

Phone: 618-536-5537 | Room: Neckers A185
Advisors see various majors: BIOS, CHEM, CS, FERM, GEOL, MATH, MICR, PHYS, PHSL,
PLB, ZOOL, and Pre-Health.

Advisor Email Department
Jean McPherson 618-536-5537, Neckers A185; Chief Academic Advisor, Biological Science (BIOS), Fermentation(FERM), Geology (GEOL), Microbiology (MICR), Physiology (PHSL), & Zoology (ZOOL)
Billie Donas Office Manager
Yvonne Gramenz Biological Science (BIOS), Fermentation (FERM), Geology (GEOL), Microbiology (MICR), Physiology (PHSL), Plant Biology (PLB), & Zoology (ZOOL)
Liz Saunders Health Professsions
Mike Kartje Chemistry (CHEM) Computer Science (CS), Mathematics (MATH), & Physics (PHYS)
Alesia Beanland Biological Science (BIOS), Zoology (ZOOL), & Microbiology (MICR) (freshman and sophomore only)

Exploratory Student Advisement

Phone: 618-453-4351 | Room: Student Services Building 0179

Advisor Email Department
Jeff McGoy 618-453-4351, SSB 0179; Director
Pam Battaglia Office Administrator
Patricia Matthews Undecided (EXPU) & Achieve (EXP1)
Kris Marshall Provisional Advisement (EXP2)